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Urban Palettes

Urban Palettes started out as a fascination with the idea of creating a palette for my own use. It quickly became a passion, a hands-on pursuit to produce and deliver a hand-crafted, beautifully made, functional object. 

The designs started from simple ideas. Ideas born from the many problems experienced with other palettes. Having progressed over the years from rudimentary plastic trays of varying shapes and sizes,  I have focused my energies on producing a balanced palette for the traveller, for the mobile and active watercolour painter - with the aim of squeezing every ounce of "weight" out of the painting "kit" whilst retaining the important elements of "functionality", "durability"  and "great looks".

These considerations aside - I really just want to make beautiful things where the "tactile", the "functional" and "aesthetic" qualities of brass came together to look right, feel right - and importantly, work the way they were meant to....right at home in your hands.

Our palettes are made from 100% brass and ALL materials have been sourced locally. Our palettes are made right here in Brisbane, Australia.......and made by us....


                                                                                    TEAM URBANOWICZ. hand

We at URBAN PALETTES are excited with the road we have embarked upon. We are discovering each day that 'creativity' and 'innovation' are more about opportunity and good old 'stubbornness' to get an idea worked out, tested and built....and to then get our creations into the hands of our artists and clients.


Only you, 'our artists', can truly reflect on how well our palettes are performing. We genuinely hope our palettes get you excited and deliver years of painting pleasure. Your support continues to fuel our enthusiasm and creativity, getting us even more excited about the road ahead. 


Our aim is to be innovative, yet deliver quality Australian-made, 100%
hand-crafted brass palettes. By their very nature our palettes are 'unique'. There are no two alike! 


These are early days... and whilst the crafting of quality brass palettes drive our desire to exceed our clients expectations, our aim is to always deliver quality and never fall short of this mark. We will listen, we will innovate - and we will also be more than prepared to build our reputation alongside your faith in our URBAN PALETTES.


What people are saying.....

Ed K
Townsville, Australia

 I was impressed at the quality of the one displayed at the Art Shed in West End Brisbane and this one is just as good. A quality product and every bit the equal of others that you see available overseas. Thank you.

David C
Victoria, Australia

 Magic! Just magic! Thank you so much

Dave S
Byron Bay, Australia

These one of a kind little beauties have a wonderful solidity and will last a lifetime. I'm sure it'll still be going strong when I pass it on to my grandson.

Anne M
Melbourne, Australia

Thank you Szczepan Palette is beautiful! Can't wait to use it.

Liz G
Melbourne, Australia

Magnificent!!! Congratulations on a fabulous product. Perfection.

Julie C
Gold Coast, Australia

The craftsmanship is amazing. Just being able to buy a product of this quality & craftsmanship that is made here in Australia is absolutely fabulous. Thank you SZCZ & Urban Palettes, its been a real pleasure doing business. I'm sure this beauty is going to last me a lifetime.

George A
ACT, Australia

Hi Szczepan - Just to say how thrilled I am to have received my beautiful palette today - a magnificent piece of artisan craftsmanship - excellent quality and very robust

David AS

My beautiful personalized Urban Palette arrived this morning. After washing it as instructed I put it to use. It is sooo easy to mix paint in the wells and on the pans! After practicing with it inside today I shall take it outside tomorrow for plein air painting. Thank you for making this possible!


The earth

Urban Palettes are doing their part to help sustain a minimal impact on our planet. 

Whilst materials like brass are natural resources we use to produce our palettes, our aim and practice is to recycle all scrap brass back to base. All the materials we use in packaging are both 100% compostable AND 100% recyclable.

We actually repurpose old cardboard boxes to create out packaging  inserts. The funny little cardboard windows that hold the tissue-wrapped palettes are all hand cut and fashioned to hold your palette during transport.

We hand craft everything within "the box" before it leaves our door.

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