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......why shop drops??

The challenges of trying to maintain palette production whilst going through some pretty difficult times, meant that we needed to change the way we were doing things. The concept of SHOP DROPS is not new and we experienced this directly when our son was anticipating the purchase of some clothing on-line. The beauty of this concept is that it allows us to produce palettes when we get the time and resources organised and batch-build a specific style of palette. Completed batches are then advertised and "DROPPED" into the online store at a specific date for a specific period of time. Whilst we will move away from making specific colours or features, Vigilant customers can then purchase our "ready" palettes and have them send within days of purchase.

This idea means that we eliminate long waiting periods, eliminate uncertainty and deliver small bespoke allotments of palettes for purchase at various times throughout the year.

So, subscribe to our website and be one of the first to know when our next batch of palettes will "drop" into the shop.


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